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Hello! My name is Xia and I founded Xia's Kitchen in 2017. I was born and raised in the Hudson Valley and currently live in the DMV area with my husband.

I started cooking and baking in while I was in elementary school, learning from watching my mom make baklava and cheesecakes, while my grandma made more traditional Jamaican coconut rock buns and crisps. Being Jamaican and Pakistani, I experienced a variety of flavors growing up which later influenced the bold, punchy flavors in my desserts.

Although I always loved cooking and baking, I really began honing my craft after returning from Korea. Xia's Kitchen grew from my tiny college apartment kitchen that churned out spicy Korean dishes, the occasional soul food, experimental dishes, and of course, my desserts. 

When I am not making a mess of my kitchen, I work in the field of International Education as well as spend time traveling and learning languages.




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